Buying a Used Car: Do Miles Matter?

When searching for a used car, one thing you will want to consider is the mileage of the vehicle. Do miles matter when buying used car? They do, but they may not matter as much as you think.

There are even more important factors to look at than the mileage of the vehicle you want. See what to consider when shopping for a used car to take you around Brook Park, Cleveland, and Parma, and be sure to check out our inventory here at Montrose Auto Outlet.

Buying a Used Car: Low Mileage vs High Mileage 

As the miles add up on a car, its value decreases. Just because this might mean the price tags are lower on these models, costs aren't necessary lower. As a vehicle's odometer gets higher, there will be more parts that need to be replaced.  

These include engine parts, components of the suspension, and more. With the added maintenance that will be needed, you will need to make sure you budget for more than just your monthly car payments.  

This isn't to say low mileage is better than high or vice versa. What really goes into deciding which used car to get? Besides making sure you match yourself to the car that fits your individual needs, here are a few important factors to look at when shopping for a used car.    

The Condition of the Car

When considering the mileage of a used car, it may seem that lower means it is a better car. That isn't necessarily true, though. A lot will depend on how well the car was taken care of throughout its life up to that point.

The condition of the car is more important than the actual mileage of a vehicle. That is because a car with an odometer that reads 70,000 miles might actually be in better shape than the car with just 30,000 miles.

It will all depend if the car has received the services it regularly requires, the exact model of the car, and how it has been driven during past ownership. The best way to gauge the condition of a used car is by having an auto technician inspect its various parts and system.

Check the Vehicle History Report

Another way to truly see a car's condition and predict its performance moving forward is by looking at its vehicle history report. This will give you a detailed look at the past ownership of the car and outline the various services it's received, if it was involved in any accidents, and what recalls have been made on the model.

Luckily, when shopping for a used car with us, you can get a look at each model's CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. This will give you a comprehensive look at the vehicle, so you know exactly what kind of shape it is in.

Come Check Out Our Inventory of Used Cars

While you want to be aware of it, the mileage of the vehicle shouldn't be the reason why you chose a particular used car for your commute around Brook Park, Cleveland, and Parma. When searching for a used car, the most important thing will be to determine your specific needs and get the vehicle that matches that.

Also, looking at the condition and past ownership of the vehicle will give you a better idea of the shape the car is in, more than the actual mileage of the vehicle.  

Here at Montrose Auto Outlet, our lot is full of reliable used vehicles that range in mileage. Come check out our inventory today and stop by to take a test drive in one of our pre-owned vehicles!  

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